Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hawaii Raceway Park Go Kart Track October 2010

October 3-4, 2010 -  Dean and I Started a new hobby and he did great with it. Dean is 9 years old now and loves his new Go Kart .

Dean and Dads new toys - Dean is the Blue #3 and Dads is the Red one

Check out our pit area - Just like Nascar - but our budget was a little smaller.

January 16 2011 - Dean and his cousin Joey

Rain or Shine - we ran them all weekend

Dean and his good friend Zack

Video #1
Dean playing around on the straightaway after some rain

Video #2
DeanO spinning out in front of me in turn 1 (after a rain)

Video #3
Dean Spinning out in front of me again - pretty cool video

Video # 4
Dean and his mother Kimi, playing in the rain together

The end of a GREAT weekend

Dean on the left and his friend Zack to the right